Retrieving the Writing Flow

Drawing Bern - Erik Zakhia

It’s time that I retrieve all my creativity

It’s time that I retrieve the connection

this writing flow that made me write page upon page

A secret I once knew and have now lost

Perhaps you will tell me that I write a lot already

but my writing is anemic, there is a gap I still can’t bridge

I can’t create characters with all their lies

as long as I don’t know my own truths

My characters used to carry my stories

to help me shape the world around

But now I’m a characterless writer

all I can do is writing poetry to progress on this path of self-knowledge and awakening

waiting for the flow to return

waiting for my imagination to burst the barriers retaining its ocean

and visit again the shores of my spirit

Three years ago, I had felt as I should now feel

I had felt how powerful my inspiration could be

but at the time I wasn’t as conscious as I am now

it was you, you my twin, who were lending me some energy

so that I’d experience the real writing flow

and then you summoned your energy back, because hell, you needed it, you were living such a bland life

and I remained wordless for one year and a half, staring at blankness

now I’ve retrieved words at least

the next step is reacquainting myself with ideas and worlds and characters



“Frozen hands in Bern” is an old drawing of mine, I did a few month before the writing flow started