It all is a doubt

Jealousy is a doubt

Physical attraction is a doubt

The fetish is a doubt

Anger and sadness and elation are a doubt, an illusion

They all stem from a lack of faith in life, a lack of faith in love

We all have an emptiness inside

We can either choose to accept this gap, watch it, write about it, understand it

or to try to fill it with everything we find around us, each of our instincts, of our cravings

that comes from a lack a trust

because when we trust life, we accept this gap, this emptiness, with the faith, the knowledge that one day it will be bridged with love

Turning toward the love in us is the only way to heal

the only way to bear the pain of this emptiness

Find this love, delve into it, cherish it

Only love is true

Only love is endless

Only love will lend you strength

Only love will bring you to happiness