Happy Valentine to separated twin flames

The anguish that was crippling me is suddenly receding

I feel it absorbed in my legs, and my heart is lighter

I miss the moments I wrote you

the rush of creativity and energy that comes with them

the love within which my entire body and my mind bathe

I miss the moments you wrote me too

the anxious awaiting, the times I’d see a letter from you

the excitation, the panic

the joy when the letter was laden with love and inspiration

the sadness and anger and confusedness when it was not


You are missing those moments as much as I do

being showered in a love you thought you hardly deserved

being read as though your words were delicate carvings of moonstone

gardens of moonflowers floating above magical ponds with flowers containing a small candle within

you’ve been crossing an arid landscape with little joy

you’ve been looking around for a well with crystalline water, the water to pure and fresh it leaves a sweet taste in the mouth

but all what you’ve found to drink is stale water that you let in your mouth only to moisten your lips

your dark gaze is impatiently waiting to shine again as it sometimes did in the past

and your mouth curves with an eager smile of joy

happiness is there at hand reach

why not to walk the last miles tonight

and meet tomorrow in this garden of flowing water and moonstone carvings and radiant colors we’ve been promised

it’s Valentine tonight but there are no candles for us, no pretty napkins, no plates where to eat

our feet are tired, but it’d be even worse to walk barefoot on this desert of rocks

there is no desk where to sit and look into one another eyes and start delving into the newest world we created

no writing pad to write all the storms of ideas we’d have

the ocean is far away with its breeze and the mountains are at the other corner of the world

and our eyes have nothing to rest upon, our skin suffers from the heat of the blazing sun

it is Valentine tonight, but we prefer to walk rather than rest along this path

the fastest we reach the realms we’ve been heading too, the sooner rest and peace and love will be ours

it’s Valentine tonight and you’d like to hear my words just for once, just for one night, but even of that you are deprived

your ears do not detect any vibration in the air, but the swishing of your tired feet against the ground

and your hands are still, unable to write to me, unable to listen to what your heart has been whispering all this time

you’ve been walking in this desert for months, but you’re heart keeps on jumping and saying that in half a day you could be again in the greening plains that are so resting for your eyes under skies of white and blues

but your mind is obstinate and wants to go in the direction it thinks is the correct one

and your heart despair, shouting muffled cries that there is no right destination, that it’s not about your feet but your hands, it’s not about your thoughts but your love

your heart had a tight node in its throat but you still feel the tremors he sends in your body, trembling, troubled

what does my heart want me again you wonder in fright

your heart whispers to your ears the truths your mind has been looking for since the start

your heart has the secret potion that can heal your sore feet and the deeper wounds within your chest and your memory

your heart has within a lake of creative force that will flow in rivers within your arms

and allow you to write all the stories you have always dreamed to write

listen to your heart, set him free, let him guide you putting his warm hand into yours

hugging you with the hugs you have always wished for

locking his strong gaze behind yours allowing to see farther than you have ever seen, brighter than you thought the world was

allow yourself to be happy, to be loved, to be healed

allow yourself to cry tears that will make you lighter-headed than you’ve been in ages

allow me to embrace you

and allow yourself to embrace me

I have been in this desert too

walking from its other side, in the ruts you have left, mirroring each of your motion

and I know how it feels, oh God I know how tired I am of the heat and the dust and the sun

I know how you feel right now

torn between your love and your fears

torn between yourself and others

There’s no need to be afraid your heart whispers, filling your chest in warmth

no need to be afraid, all your fears are lies, all your fears comes from your ignorance, from your lack of knowledge, of faith in life

life is fair and beautiful

and if this year you’re trudging in an endless desert

perhaps the next year you’ll be sitting in the realm of your dreams

weaving worlds of your own, together with this alien brother of yours

who speaks the language of your heart like no one else

Hug me, embrace me tonight

oh my twin of love and truth

smile to me, inspire me

walking noiselessly into my dreams

and leaving early morning

before the sun betrays my presence