Selfishness and selflessness

Twin houses

I am selfish and like to boast of my stories and my life

where you are hiding behind a curtain of selflessness

I am selfish and like to take my pleasure before that of others

when you sacrifice yourself for others out of selflessness


We have started this dance of balance a long time ago

but now time has come to transform my selfishness in love

time has come to take all the things you desire and dream for

without too many considerations for others


Our happiness lies in this balance

when I will rejoice to let others find their pleasure before me

when you won’t fear anymore to show your true face to the world

and be proud of who you truly are


I’m sorry to have disregarded your needs for all this time

thinking only and solely of myself

imprisoning you in this lack of self-worth

because of my own insecurity not to be appreciated enough



“Twin houses” is a painting I painted when I was a child