Anne Brontë

So young you have departed from this world

so intense and pure had been your heart

thorn apart by the loss you had suffered

The only man you could love

you had ever loved

forever gone


All your youth you had strolled over the moors of England

dreaming of happiness and love to come

delighting at the sight of rocks and grass and withered trees

always with this secret hope kindling your heart

and your imagination flying to its boundless realms


Years passed and he finally arrived

you met him and started falling for him

your heart started beating faster when he was in the vicinity, when he looked at you

but you always kept this love hidden in the depth of your chest

you still were too shy to speak of your feelings

and you hoped he would come toward you


And he did, several times he started building a bridge from his heart to yours

and it filled your chest with joy and warmth

so engrossed were you in the delight of this love you felt

you never brought the stones he was waiting you to lay

life was long after all, and the right moment had not come yet


But the right moment never arrived, as the man you loved

was carried away by sickness in the flower of his youth while his hair were still as dark as his eyes

in a few weeks a healthy man crumbled and went to join the rocky thorns in the moors

and it shook your chest as though a very piece of your heart had been buried together with him

as though a part of you had died

and you mourned him within you and in the verses you wrote

all this love you had kept hiding of his living you expressed in words

you wrote and wrote and wrote for that was the only consolation you could find


You didn’t regret the past, for you were a wise woman already

and knew that what had happened couldn’t be changed

but you felt deep within a very hurtful wound

by leaving the world too early he had abandoned you

abandoned you to the sadness of the moors where you strolled

that never again bore the same joyful hope that you found there in your youth

for you knew all your hopes had been buried

you trusted to life and to God

and yet it was a heavy burden to carry to be alone

and know you wouldn’t find love again of that life