I take my flight over these wonderlands

of lakes and mountains and flowery pastures

and they remind me of something old

of times I used to be freer and happier

they remind me of when I was one with nature

of when I lived in the wilderness of another land

of hills and mountains

Switzerland is quieter, more domesticated

but it awakens this dormant memory of my soul

and when I gaze at the forest of mountains surrounding me

when I let the water carry and flutter my thoughts

I almost can hear the wind of the sea

feel its breeze roaring within me

for a moment the yoke I’ve grown with disappears in the background

and I feel light and free again

in these fields covered with grass and flowers

with the knowledge that entire realms exist

under my feet and above my head reaching the clouds


And now I’ve parted with mountains

It’s been a long time I haven’t seen any in the horizon

in the flat lands where I live

and I miss their sight, and I remember with nostalgia

this heavenly mirror the lake is reflecting hills and clouds alike

in the paleness of its waters

and on top of all I miss you, I miss you

this fierce and gentle breeze dancing in my heart

I miss you, like I have never missed anything or anyone

I miss your written words that made me travel to distant world

that wrapped me in layers and layers of mystery

and made me wept and cry and laugh and rejoice

I miss you, with your poetry that resembles prose

and your prose that is so much like poetry

I miss you, I miss you

and my throat tightens at your thought

Please come back to me, come back to yourself

and bring me the mountains the ocean

and the breeze you’ve been depriving me of for so long



“Switzerland” is a watercolor I painted