Birth of the Everstorm

The birth of the Everstorm

Clouds are gathering

up high in the sky

and their unusual light

is worrying for the weak of heart


Can you hear their battle cries

can you see them dancing and swirling

around the faint sun like night butterflies?


These clouds are pregnant of an everstorm

a storm that will bring the world to an end

These clouds will burst

once their thin silhouette will have thickened

and blocked all the light

They will cause havoc on the rigid lands

Pouring so much water

streets will become rivers

and squares marshlands

The wind will blow so strongly

doors will be snatched from their hinges

and carried away like autumn leaves

The ocean shall rise in roars of anger

drowning the harbor and the polders

in waves of foamy water

and the foam will become smoke

entering the houses and the basements alike

blowing them from inside

The storm will rage for three days and three nights

until no block of concrete remains unturned

no piece of glass standing

and then silence will be

as the wind quiets

and the ocean retires

a deep silence will shroud the land

in lonely mourning



“Birth of the Everstorm” is a watercolor I painted