The invisible bridge

The climb

Eincyg is the last outpost of the known world

Cyg is the first outpost of the otherworld

and there is an invisible bridge between the two


My first vision of Cyg was on a bright day of summer

I saw in the distance a blazing light, a tower, a lighthouse

that reflected the sun in its very stones

And it was surrounded by a lake

a lake that no one dared to cross

because he who stepped on the invisible bridge

never returned to the known world


There was a bridge to walk to Cyg

but for that I needed to travel the world

and find Eincyg, the gate to Cyg


How to find Eincyg, when it didn’t belong to the material world as I knew it

when there was no trace of it on the mental map I used to navigate

on the stormy waters of life


For months and months, I’ve erred

I’ve stopped counting time even

Going from one place to another

from one port to another

asking my way to Eincyg

few people had heard of it

fewer still could tell me

where it was


Eincyg remained a hazy dream for a long time

until I wondered if such a place truly exist

if one day I’d see the bright lights of Cyg

from the other side of the lake

at the feet of the Creigards

this huge mountainous formation

from where the legend tells

the stones that served to build both Cyg and Eincyg

were cut

this stone so white and so bright

it reflects the light of the sun

of so strong a grain

it is not weathered by the years

and still appear new and virgin to the gaze

leaving the beholder wonder how old they truly are


I’ve journey through valleys and mountains

crossed rivers and hallows

building barges and bridges

carving wings and swords

with my words


None is permanent, I can’t carry anything with me on this journey

once I’ve crossed the lake I abandon the boat

and it vanishes into smoke

The true power lies within my words

Within my heart and my mind


I’ve journeyed and faced hardships

I’d never imagine to encounter

I suffered thirst and hunger

overwhelmed by tiredness

I spent a full winter outdoors

with stray dogs and wolves

haunting the forest with their dark presences

and my ears with their howls


Patiently, I moved forward

I couldn’t run back to the safety of home

I had already adventured myself on this quest

and it was too late to regret

The only choice that was left

was to fight and strengthen myself

to render the magic of my words

stronger and stronger

to make my inner compass

more and more reliable

and to find Eincyg


And now, I’m writing these words

in a tree just outside Eincyg where I’m spending the night

Tomorrow, I will step into this town that had been offered to me

so many years ago

And for one day I will be lord and prince of Eincyg

I will feast and rest

and explore the ways of Eincyg

a town like no other

and I will watch the lightness of Cyg in the distance

from the other side of the lake

and I’ll listen to the strong longing in my heart


The day after tomorrow, or whenever I am ready

I’ll be confronted with the last hardship

the most difficult one

All what I have found, I will need to leave

and step naked onto the invisible bridge

walking to Cyg

with no other promise

than that of that of being swallowed

by the otherworld



“The Climb” is a watercolor I painted