Molten decor

Tell me what’s more beautiful and exciting in life

than finding new connections

between ideas you toy with

and with people you meet


Creating new connections between our thoughts

is alike to the work of a master builder

once an idea is fortified with a second and a third and a fourth idea

it becomes a pillar, supporting a vaulted roof of linked stones

once an individual is complemented with the right persons

he becomes part of a cathedral, a temple, a grand and beautiful construction

he doesn’t lose his essence and knowledge of pillar

but he’s augmented to the eyes of the viewer

by the finest of chiseled stones that perfectly fit in

with its shape and color


That’s why it’s so important to build your life

with people that will be solid pillars to safely withhold the roof above your heads

otherwise, all this construction risks to collapse

but even when the construction is tipsy and limping, even when it collapses

you still have the consolation of being a column, a beautiful column

surrounded by a vast wilderness of grass and shrubs and mushrooms in the sunset light

Learn to find and cultivate the beauty of your column

for that’s what will bring you true, steady happiness

and will bring your connections with others and with your own thoughts

to a deeper and more fulfilling level



“Molten decor” is a drawing I did a couple of months ago