Unconscious mind

Unconscious mind

Our unconscious mind

works in mysterious ways for us

It is a bridge

between our soul and our conscious being

It is a place of extremes where

the most luminous light shines

close to the darkest of shadows

Contrary to our soul that is only made of light


Our conscious mind

is what makes us humans

not animals

nor spirits

We dwell in between

in shades of grey for some

in hues of colors for others


Everything in us stems from there

Desires, emotions, thoughts, obsessions, intuitions

are channeled and distorted through our unconscious self

and later decrypted in our mind and in our heart

resulting in frequent miscommunications between our higher self, our soul

and our physical persona here on Earth

because of our limited knowledge, wisdom

of these intermediaries working


Imagine now if instead of hearing swishing sounds

you learnt to properly decode all these messages that come from your soul

How much time and energy would be gained

How happier you’d be in your life since you’d know exactly what to do

and where to go in order to achieve the dreams you’re perhaps barely aware of



“Unconscious mind” is a watercolor I painted