My heart is heavy

to say farewell

so many times

parting with the people

that love me so dearly

leaving the places

where I grew up


Everything, anything

awakens nostalgia in me

tomorrow I won’t be here

to see the fast traveling clouds

carried by the fresh breeze of the sea

I won’t be here to see the rest of the winter

nor the reawakening of wild flowers in spring

covering fields and fields where bare grass existed before

I won’t be here, close to my family

I will be gone, losing to myself another chapter of life

will I see them the same when I come back

will the elders grow even older during my absence

can’t just time freeze and things remain as they were

but no, time goes forward

as fast as the clouds coming from the sea

and the life as I knew it as a child

continuous, serene, secure

full of people and laughter and feasts

is gone forever

now years are scrolling, rolling one after another

and the future is looming closer and closer

spreading the wings of sickness and death

in its hazy silhouette

Each time I come back

I see my beloved ones a little bit older

a little bit more tired

and soon they won’t even be here anymore

to welcome me



But I just won’t end my poem

on such a sad statement

what I’m feeling here is a separation from my beloved

a separation from their souls

that is created by my mind, by the fact of being incarnated in a body

separated from others, from God

Distance and time are nothing but an illusion

Hardships of life are an illusion too

The real life is not here, no it’s not

we’re on a stage

we’re wearing disguises on our faces

we’re wearing our bodies too, on the sleeves of our souls

and we lament farewells and separations

But in the backstage our souls know that it’s untrue

In a world where heart and mind telepathy exists

we are never far

we are always with all the other souls

we share a unity with them, with God

we are God

each of us a small brilliant star in the divine constellation



Even when you don’t feel like

each morning waking up

remember that you are a star

and that you can shine as much as a sun

showering freezing planets with light and warmth

and rendering life possible in what were barren galactic deserts



Choose to live your life as a star, a sun

lighting and warming others

and not as a black hole

sucking away the light and the energy

of all the people around