Past lives anguishes

Our current life is riddled with

the anguish of the past lives we have lived


There are those who have lived a plague

perhaps died or seen close ones depart

and one or two hundred years later

when all risks of epidemic have been eliminated

still are obsessive about cleanliness and hygiene

in a time and energy consuming way for themselves

and people around them


There are those who have lived as aristocrats

and insist on behaving today

as they had been used to behave on the past

even when the realities of the world

have changed


There are those who have been victims in other lives

and still bear the scars of the many wounds they’ve received

these persons have difficulty in trusting others

in not behaving as though they were alone against the world

even when they are supported by a loving family


Each of our obsessive behavior

has some roots in our past, in past experiences and traumas

and sometimes in past lives too

The veil between our conscious mind and our soul

is usually too thick to let pass ancient memories

but thin enough to let seep the essence of those memories

at least the most pressing ones that have not been entirely healed yet


The key is to succeed in not judging

and it lies in understanding, empathizing, loving

Even when you are taken by opposite maelstroms, opposite anguishes

the anguish to throw food out of fear of bacteria

the anguish to keep food out of fear of famine

Do not judge the other, because his is only a mirror anguish of yours

Where you have suffered, he has suffered as well

You have lost your parents because of misery

and he has lost his sons because of a plague

That life is over, but its scars are still painful