What lies beyond this sky

of floating anguished clouds


What is this light I see

twinkling in a thousand colors


What is this fear that weighs on my heart

making me want to escape from myself


Can these words


my anguish


Will writing

make me

as strong

as I want to be


For sure writing helps me chase

this haze of fears away

Writing helps me to see the naked edges of truth

and feel its colors lit within me

Writing makes my chest fill with love

and brings me back my peace of mind


I now feel radiant waves of love

of tenderness

when a moment ago I felt

so cold and fearful and oppressed

I wished to forget everything


Am I repeating myself you find

why not after all

why can songs be long and repetitive and not poems

if length captures best my state of mind and heart

length will be

if imperfect sentences suit me

that’s what I’ll choose


Can you feel too this warmth

within your body flowing from your heart?

Do you allow yourself to think of me, to think of our love, of your love for me

or is it still something you repress deep within you

as I’m still tempted to repress my anguishes instead of bringing them to light


But today, tonight, I’ve won, until now

And if the resilience I’ve shown doesn’t leave me

if I learn to keep always at hand my strength and my energy

heaven will be mine, heaven will be yours

and in an embrace all our scars, all our fears

will vanish

and love will flow between our hearts, our flames

and we will be happy, happy

and filled with love for everyone and everything around us

that’s the meaning of heaven

being part of a whole within love

acutely conscious of self within love

two flames building a bridge of love within their soul

a warm and a cold flame

generating the most potent of creative storms

that give birth to dreams and people and worlds

you and me together, hand in hand

gaze in gaze

drawing from one another love and truth and beauty

and painting the sky around us

and giving each cloud a name, a story