Do you wonder why

Do you wonder why

some people are more sensitive

to your words and your colors

than others


Do you wonder why

some people can find completion and cry

seeing beauty in the frailest of things

while others crush this beauty

not even noticing it


Do you wonder why

we are standing on two opposite fault lines

watching one another

from afar


Do you wonder why

I am me and you are you

when in the inside we’re so intermingled

we’re not sure of who is who


Do you wonder why

I am weaving these verses together

asking questions about answers I do not seek

free within the poetry of my own words


Do you wonder why

I go on beyond the point of no return

even when all meaning has been lost

to this song that isn’t one


Can you feel the force beyond my meaningless chatter

Can you see the poetry hiding in these rhymeless verses

Can you sense the emotions that my poem conveys

I’m adding a layer of provocation on top of it all

If you’re a human being and not an automaton

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