Looking for the oasis of my heart

The way to the oasis

I’m walking in a desert

Parched by the heat

and the sand in the wind

in my eyes in my throat

on my dusty hands


I’m looking for an oasis

the oasis of my dreams

I can see it up there

A sprawling creature of green

A dragon that feeds on water

and stops the sand and the heat


I’m walking toward my oasis

but it keeps moving further and further

and sometimes I wonder if it is a mirage

an illusion of my mind that wants so badly to find it


But no, no, I’m not dreaming

My oasis is up there in the middle of this endless desert

I can see it sometimes, when whirlwinds of dust aren’t blinding me

in a cloud of brown and ocher that hides even the sky from my view

And when I’m entirely blinded I still can feel its presence, her presence

in the oasis of my heart



I know you are waiting for me up there

In the refreshing shade of a palm tree

sleeping in a soft linen hammock

Waiting until I find my way

and gently brush your face

awakening you



“Looking for the oasis of my heart” is a watercolor I painted