For whom am I writing

For whom am I writing

is an existential question I must now seek answer to


I am writing for myself, first and foremost

because I am my most faithful reader

None of you have read, read, all my texts

I am too fast, I write too much

Perhaps someday you will find all my writings woven together in a large book

Perhaps someday I will become famous and influential and millions and millions of souls will read my words, will be suspended at my lips

But for now I am alone, alone, a readerless writer

I’m building a temple, a castle, a market place, a port, an aqueduct and roads connecting them all

but none is interested to live within a building site

none can see the full beauty of my creation yet, from the first stones I’ve laid there

I can’t even see it myself sometimes, when I doubt my own work

But doubts are growing thinner as days pass

I can’t plan and execute my work in function of passers-by

I can’t spend my time and energy into attracting them in my half empty town

From now I will strive to keep in motion all the gears of my writing

And day and night the first town of Hazen will develop and grow


Why to publish my pieces on my blog, one may wonder

Why to overload the reader in such a way?

Well, my answer is that Hazen is a story that needs to be shared

Even if only a few tired travelers stop at my inn every day to rest and retrieve a little bit of their peace of mind and heart, it is worth it all

Hazen is a whirlwind of ideas and thoughts and feelings and colors that can’t be hidden from the world anymore

And the first city of Hazen is born and open to all