A sacred union exists

Between painting and drawing

each tells a story

the same story

Seen from two different perspectives


Cloudscape over the Ocean

And Twin Flames

picture the same theme

A stretch of water

And the skyline above


One is painted with the heart

The other is drawn with the mind

One is a raw explosion of colors and feelings and beauty

The other is a careful composition of subtle taints and deep symbolisms


This poem is a bridge between painting and drawing

A link between the heart and the mind

For these two cardinal organs of our body

Tell us the same things in two different languages


How not to get confused when you hear two discordant voices

Chinese and Arabic, feelings and reason, on top of one another


Suddenly you’re not hearing anymore an incomprehensible gibber

Words add up to one another

Forming a third, new language

A language once so familiar, now forgotten

A language calling things with their true names

A powerful language where matter is subject to words


When will colors and shapes add up to form

the views I dream of but cannot execute?

When will words mix and mingle

and start resonating within my soul?

When will prose marry poetry

and give birth to the most beautiful novels yet written?