Social media

How to describe my hate-love relationship with social media

They are for me a tool to share what I write

Supposedly a way to express myself

But what happens is that they trap and ensnare me in their imperfection

Reawakening my own weaknesses

I always expect people to read and comment what I write

I know many are sensitive to my texts

But social media go too fast

They give the advantage to people sharing pictures of themselves, pictures of breathtaking landscapes they’ve traveled to during the last holiday

They give the advantage to people liking a lot of content and browsing for a long time

Or those skilled enough to market their product in a clever way, through images and short slogans

The stories and poems I take hours to write

I channel all my feelings and my inspiration into

Only few people see and read

I know I should change my strategy, perhaps publish books with these poems and stories

I should learn to be less impatient, to better target my audience

All that will eventually happen

But right now I’m left with a feeling of frustration

At the imperfectness of mainstream social media that don’t give a fair equal chance to express oneself

At myself for being so needy of other people support and praise and spending long hours in front of the computer always over-eager to receive few likes and comments