Dammed heart

Oh young man, young woman

Why have you so dammed your heart

Containing the shifting ocean around

Taming its breathing tides

And drying up the vessels irrigating

The most sacred lands of your spirit


Are you afraid to lose righteousness

To lose this discernment

You’ve patiently built up within you

If you let go to your emotions


Are you afraid of suffering

And being helpless before it

As a child who’s strangled by a sad heart

Under your blanket at night

Waiting for your mother to wish you a goodnight

Night after night waiting for her consolation

Your mother will never come

She is gone for good

But you don’t know that in your childish innocence

And you continue waiting, in vain

Waiting for a love that has left you alone

Alone with the darkness of your nightmares

Alone on the harsh path of life

When you were used to her reassuring hands holding yours

Carrying you when you were too weak or too tired

Filling your glass of water before sleeping

Kissing your forehead and your cheek

Preparing you a little snack laiden with honey or chocolate for school

Always maintaining the harmony in your little heart


Is it your mother who’s gone for you

Or is it yourself who’s grown insensitive to her affection

Insensitive to the love life gives you

Incapable of shedding tears for others nor for yourself

Your heart has hardened

Its shining light is blown out

And you feel lost, lost, along the meandering paths of life

For you have lost your only, most precious guide

How to know if that is right or wrong

If that will bring you happiness or misery

When everything is tainted in opaque shades of grey

When the crashing waves of the ocean around shatter

On the fortifications you’ve surrounded your inner town with

Depriving your waterwheels of their energy source

Depriving your body of its mightiest drive


How not to feel afraid and lonely

When for so long the whisper of your heart has hushed up

And a deafening silence has gripped your inner ears