Horizon line


Is it hope

Or fear

I see on the horizon line

My fast beating heart

Tells me it’s a mixture of both


This hope, this fear

Give a renewed intensity to my life

Tainted with a restlessness to know

Are you thinking of me

Are you reading my words

Are you writing me

Screamed voices in my mind

Pulling my heart apart


My great aunt says

When the sun sets behind the sea on a clear horizon line

The weather is going to be fair on the morrow

But is a fine weather promise of fairness in life?

Or instead should I pray for a purifying storm

That blows apart all the impurities that have deposited in the city of my mind

That scrapes the dust and the mud that have accumulated

And with its torrents of rain carries away the cement bricks and the shards of glass that are no longer wanted


Is this ever witnessed storm already brewing over the ocean?

When will I be able to hear its wailing winds in the deaf darkness of the night

When will I see its whole kingdom of clouds moving to meet me

The sky graying and darkening and gaining a thickness that was not there before

When will I taste the first drop of bitter rain

That will soon become a downpour, forcing me to hide in a cave for a long long time

And listen to the drumming water on the rocks nearby and the ceiling, warming myself in a thick blanket

With the satisfaction, the hope, the promise that once the rain quiets down each drop will become sweeter than the other

And the sun will greet back my city with a large rainbow

And the northern winds will gather the remaining clouds and blow them to other latitudes

And my mind will wake up purified

Shining with new shapes and colors

Teeming with the life of inspiration

And I look awe-stricken at the metamorphosed city

The dark walls have turned white and shiny

What I have mistaken for vulgar limestone is precious, timeless moonstone

The dirty courtyards have become flourishing garden filled with scented flowers

Promise of fruits to bear

And my heart can finally abandon itself to love, without fear