City of temples – Selpmet fo Ytic

Life is made of mirrors like

Days and nights

Coldness and warmth

Past and future

Birth and death

Notice, one cannot exist without the other


And there are bridges between these mirrors

Dawn is a bridge between night and day

And twilight lets day flow into night

Present is the secret passage between past and future

It is the only moment that truly exist right now

The past is nothing but a colorful image in our memory

And the future is just a hazy projection of our imagination

Therefore, the moment when life is the richest

Is when violent or subdued streaks of colors fill in the sky and the lake

Is when one face of the mirror is confronted with its opposite

During that short transient time when we are truly alive


Now, what happens when you meet your mirror

What happens when mythologies become truth

When the soul was truly halved in two at the beginnings of times

And when you are confronted with your twin soul, the other half of yourself

That person is your perfect mirror

You try to touch her, to take a grip at her arm, to make sure she is real

But she jumps backward and your hand breaks the water surface of the lake that reflected your face

Is she real, is she not, you wonder and you have no way to know

Each time she mirrors the opposite of your movements and soon it becomes a dance, a wild frantic dance

A dance where each partner knows the next move in advance

And yet a partner-less dance for you seldom see your twin in front of you

This dance of the spirits, this confrontation between day and night, this bridge that slowly grows between you and your twin soul, becomes dazzling

And starts giving birth to the most striking creations that see the light on earth