Meandering paths

I am everywhere and nowhere
Biting and striking you wherever I can
Destroying your moments of peacefulness
Invading your heavens of safety
There will be no respite for you
No true peace of mind or heart
Till one of us ceases to exist
Kill me or I’ll kill you
There’s not enough room for two
In this narrow sarcophagus where we were born

I am weak and hypocrite
Unable to stick to my words
To my threats and my promises
I swear to be strong
And give in the next moment
I want to reach my eternal truth
And yet I am bound by earthly attachments

I don’t like this self-imposed harshness in my words
I don’t like the shadow of doubt I cast upon life, upon me
The path of truth deserves no such shadow
I am not hypocrite, nor are you
Each turn of the path captures our interest
And while I repeat that I want to get there fast
I wouldn’t relinquish any of the discoveries along the path
Even sleeping outside and escaping the police has now become an experience
And yet I would like to become more of an actor along the path I choose
I would like to see my consciousness spread and my creativity increase until I’m not anymore walking but running or flying
I would like to see you and to hear you, despite the clouds of haze billowing around us
I would like not to fight against you but with you
To stop this deadly wrestling and instead help one another
Fulfilling the purpose for which we were created from the start