my story with the little faerie

Nine months have elapsed, and yet, nothing has changed. My vain attachment is carved in stone, and the action of rain and wind, and that of withering summer and long journeys, is helpless against it.

With her nimble hand and her sensitive soul, an evanescent faerie has touched my heart, where no one else has, stirring and awakening long-forgotten feelings.

It was not a crush at first sight. The field of wheat in the sunset color of the faerie’s hair was not enough to catch my eyes. It was the expression of her face when speaking about things that really matter, the fog of mystery surrounding her land of fairy, her bewitching smile and the depth of her character that made me slip in the steep ravine of feelings. I could not find the fountain of joy, and instead, buried my pains in the well of sorrows.

Yet, I have no regrets. I welcomed and harbored the feelings as they came. I felt fully alive after a long, long time. Since I’ve first encountered the faerie, my life has changed. I took the habit to write, regularly. Difficulties and disappointments improved my character. What will remain is a blend of fondness and gratefulness and bitterness.

Finding my soul mate has been the unsuccessful quest of my existence. Finding the one that will perfectly understand me and that I will perfectly understand. Reaching together wonderful pinnacles, unattainable for the lonely wolf. A life full of intellectual and literary excitement, not a single moment of boredom, and a steady progression along the path of self-realization. Idealistic, unreasonable? Let me keep the illusions of my youth, otherwise this world would be a too dreary place to be in.

And now, I must strive to snatch this pillar from the temple of my heart, and throw it far, far away, at the bottom of the ocean. And maybe someday, when it will be all green and mossy, a fisherman will find it and bring it onshore, and townsmen will wonder what that stone could have stood for.

That seems to be the end word of my story with the little faerie.